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Motion capture
  • Full body capture
  • Hand and finger capture
  • Facial capture
  • Prop capture
  • Animal capture
  • On location capture
Post processing
In addition to simply processing your data we can:
  • manipulate the animations (loops, blends)
  • adapt the data to a specific rig and skeleton
  • provide you with different formats to be used on various 3D packages
Other services
  • Talent sourcing: selection from a range of artists (actors, dancers, acrobats, etc.)
  • Skeleton tailoring
  • 3D modeling and texturing
  • VFX
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Events and installations

Thanks to our expertise in motion capture and interactive technologies, we can offer you a unique skillset for the development of interactive installations, be it a live show or a more permanent structure. These installations can exploit the potential of virtual and augmented reality, gesture recognition and interactive control to provide new ways of visualizing and navigating complex content.

By combining motion capture with 3D visualization and context responsive sound designs, we can create stunning interactive environments where users can control the performance and be part of the show.

If you would like to organize a creative and original event or create an installation, we can help you develop your ideas.

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