Virtual reality applications Sport medicine and rehabilitation 3D scanning solutions 3D simulation and surgical planning
Artanim is a CTI-recognized research institution conducting projects in close collaboration with Swiss and international universities, as well as industrial partners. Research activities carried out by the foundation target two strategic axes of research:

The first axis is medical research where motion capture combined with 3D medical imaging is used to better understand human joint structures and to improve diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

The second axis develops virtual or augmented reality applications with a focus on real time interaction and using cutting edge motion capture and 3D body scanning technologies.
Our team of researchers and developers can help you develop innovative solutions. Their expertises include:
  • motion capture from different technologies (optical, inertial, markerless)
  • 3D body scanning solutions
  • avatar creation from body scan data
  • real-time motion interaction and animation
  • interactive virtual or augmented reality applications
  • joint biomechanics (3D modeling, motion analysis)
  • 3D simulation and computer-assisted surgical planning (native or prosthetic joints)
  • medical imaging, orthopedics and human movement science
  • sport medicine and rehabilitation
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