Artanim was founded in 2011 by three motion capture specialists: Caecilia Charbonnier, Clementine Lo and Sylvain Chagué.

Artanim is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development and promotion of motion capture. This technology allows recording the movements of a real actor in order to apply them to a virtual character. It can be used in numerous projects and industries. In particular, the foundation conducts three types of activities linked to motion capture:

R&D: studying and understanding human motion are essential for many research areas. Since the possibilities offered by motion capture have not been fully explored yet, one of Artanim's goals is to contribute to the development of new solutions and applications using this technology.

Mocap services: unfortunately small production companies have limited access to motion capture. As one of the largest motion capture centers in Switzerland, Artanim hopes to make this technology more accessible and encourage its use in various audiovisual centent. The foundation also developes cultural events where motion capture can be used to create new expression and interaction modes.

Education: education is an important activity of the foundation. By getting to know motion capture and discovering its possibilities, professionals and students may better contribute to its development.