Artanim is at the forefront of technology with its cutting-edge motion capture systems.
Virtual camera system Outdoor motion capture with Xsens MVN 3D body scanner Virtual immersion with Oculus Rift Full body motion capture Blade - motion capture software
Motion Capture
Artanim has the following motion capture systems:
  • Vicon MXT40S 24 cameras
    4.0 megapixel per camera
    up to 515 fps

  • Xsens MVN 17 MTx inertial trackers
    real-time wireless technology
    use anywhere, no studio required

  • RGB-D cameras
    e.g., Microsoft Kinect

Other equipments
Artanim has the following other equipments:
  • OptiTrack Insight Virtual Camera System

  • Photogrammetric 3D scanner
    96 cameras

  • Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

  • Microsoft HoloLens

For production and VR/AR, Artanim offers a full range of tools:
  • Vicon Blade, Tracker

  • MVN Studio

  • Autodesk Creation Suite
    3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder

  • Adobe Production Premium
    After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop

  • Unity 3D
For biomedical applications, Artanim uses the following solutions:
  • Materialise Mimics
    Medical image segmentation software

  • Arthro3D, ArthroPlanner, Mesh3D
    Custom-made simulation software